Snow Removal

Whether you need a reliable and competitive quote for your residence, removing snow from your driveways, walkways and sidewalks, or you have a commercial business and need a regular snow removal service to keep your business running, Alex Pol is here to serve you. There are many snow removal companies in Durham, but few have the equipment and staff to meet all of your snow removal needs, reliably and affordably.

There are two primary things you should look for in a snow removal company.

1. A Company with a Proven Track Record of Reliability

When you need snow removed, you don’t want to wait for next week, you want it removed as quickly as possible. Alex Pol has a proven track record for being prompt and reliable.

2. A Company That Will Be Around When You Need Us

Many snow removal services are nothing more than a guy with a pick up truck and a plow attached to the front of his truck. At Alex Pol Landscaping, we have invested in commercial and reliable equipment so that you can be sure that you are getting the service you need from a Durham Snow Plow Service.