Planting Services

Like most things in life the start is paramount. Whether it is a flower or a large tree, proper selection,  planting and then care is most important. We advise you in the selection process and then plant it right. We leave you with written instructions for proper care.

We service many different landscape styles. Many clients prefer to have colorful and vibrant blooms throughout the growing seasons to liven up their yards. By planting Annual flowers, we can change the plan for your garden each year, creating a new landscape with each spring.

Right Plant – Right Location
Perennial flowers can provide complementary and contrasting color palette during the blooming season. Alex Pol Landscaping has an extensive and thorough understanding of plant selections as well as landscape design. We can help you choose the best plants that are suitable for your property (Soil, Sun exposure, and environment) to accentuate your enjoyment. We invite you to accompany us to the nursery to select the plant material to ensure you receive exactly what you expect. We can create the perfect NATURE for you!

We can help you or do it all, design and advise or prepare and fertilize the beds, plant the plants, apply mulch if desired so all you have to do is enjoy them all summer.

Privacy Hedging;
Natural privacy can be attained by planting different species. Cedars are commonly used and are a good all season green privacy wall. This not only provides privacy but also beauty to enhance the rest of your landscaping. We have access to a wide variety of cedars including 12 footers.

Call or email Alex Pol to find out how beautiful a garden you could expect and how much more you could enjoy your summer.

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