There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in your back yard under a shady tree unless, it is admiring several trees in full blossom while sipping on a cool beverage.  Keeping your trees well maintained promotes growth to the grass and surrounding flowers and allows you to get the optimum years of tree life.  Every tree and situation is different.  Ask us for a consultation.

To maintain the integrity and scale of the landscape design, regular and correct pruning will keep your shrubs and trees healthy, vigorous and prevent potential problems. Knowledge is the key to proper maintenance.  Our staff landscape architect and arborist can perform: pruning of fruit trees to bear larger crops and ward off diseases, pruning of flowering shrubs to promote increased blossoming and maintain desirable size and dimension, pruning of branches to guide structure so that at maturity branches are strong and can best resist storm damage.

When to Prune
Woody plants are dormant late winter and in the early spring.  This is the time of year to examine the structural arrangement of the branches of deciduous trees and shrubs to plan pruning strategies.  Never prune after the leaves just emerge.  Stored energy has powered the initiation and expansion of the new foliage but the leaves have not yet begun to accumulate food to replenish the supply. 

Using good judgment and in moderation, some pruning can be done at any time.  Dead and dying branches, suckers and water sprouts should be removed as soon as they become apparent.  Pinching and small cuts guide growth without removing too much plant material and can be done any time the plant is growing.  Removing stragglers and branches that are out of line during the growing season won’t do any harm.

Our service can take care of all problems that may arise with both young and mature trees. From trimming hedges to removing tree limbs or removing the entire tree and stump, we can take care of it all. With our well-maintained and modern equipment, the job will be completed safely and efficiently. In the case of a fallen tree or limb after a storm, we provide a 24 hour emergency service.

We not only have all the professional equipment and expertise to do your tree and shrub pruning quickly  but we clean up all the cuttings, restore the ground below to its former state and haul away all the mess.

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