Landscape Design

Landscape design is more that patios, plants, shrubs, grass and contours, it is about life style, family, comfort, quiet oasis, ease of maintenance and how you want to enjoy your property. 
Why Landscape?

Professional landscaping does more than enhance your home’s curb appeal. It can:

  • Provide you a personal private place to relax and/or entertain
  • Provide play areas for children and pets
  • Provide shade in the summer and light in the winter
  • Attract beautiful wild life such as birds and butterflies
  • Introduce an outdoor kitchen facility
  • Insulate your home from the elements
  • Enhance your personal pride
  • Provide a direct reflection of your creative personality or that of your landscaper
  • Reduce property maintenance, effort and cost
  • Enhance your home resale value
  • It might even encourage your neighbours to follow suit and improve their landscape as well and therefore increase the market value of your immediate neighbourhood


Done right it can do all this and more, a uniquely landscaped property is a real piece of beauty, some might even call it art.

With your property as the page they will design your presentation to meet or exceed your vision. They consider all the important factors of your life and incorporate them in your own personalized design. They consider if you entertain, want a very private space, have children or pets who will need a play area, use of space, access considerations, your soil type, sun exposure and shade, noise dampening features, drainage, low maintenance options, your favorite colours and matching and contrasting them to your house colour scheme, lighting and water effects, material, year round interest, your budget and of course local challenges such as backyard rabbits, skunks etc..

Working with your ideas and vision, Alex will offer other considerations and suggestions and then sketch a potential design. With that he will fine tune the design to meet your approval of excellence and ensure the viable design matches your vision.

Landscape lighting can help enhance your properties’ curb appeal at night, provide security and increase the safety of your property.  Landscape lighting is a very effective and beautiful way to add value to your landscape and can be easily installed in conjunction with a snow melting system if you wish to make life very easy. 

A good time to design your garden is during the winter and spring months, but it can be done anytime.  The creativity and passion that Alex demonstrates with each homeowner, is evident in the completion of their personal garden.  From meandering brick pathways to cascading waterfalls, there is 100% enjoyment of your garden.

View some of the Alex Pol finished projects at portfolio.