Grass Cutting

Did you know that at Alex Pol Landscaping we also offer grass cutting service and lawn care service as well as landscaping?   Our services and expertise have grown to meet the needs of our customers. Our customers care deeply about their lawns, and so do we. 

Yard work is physically demanding and usually completed during your time away from work. Nobody wants to spend half of their weekend mowing and edging the lawn, cutting back the overgrowth in the flowerbeds and repairing broken irrigation systems, fertilizing but we do!
Regular fertilization programs require specific knowledge of the times of year that turf is in it’s growing phase. It also requires understanding of extreme soil conditions and how these conditions affect growth.

Understanding the scientific needs of plants and nature is necessary for a lush year round weed free lawn. Alex Pol Landscaping has many years of experience of nurturing living things. Let us do the dirty work!

Year Round Services:
Weekly Grass cutting
Spring/fall clean up
Bi weekly garden care
Yearly tree assessment
Yearly hedge, shrub and tree pruning

By choosing Alex Pol Landscaping, you will be able to have the well-manicured yard that your neighbors will envy.  Not to mention, the freedom to relax, unwind, and enjoy your off time with your family and friends without feeling guilty.

Call or email Alex to get your weekend back!
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