Courses & Seminars

Alex Pol is a well-known speaker throughout the Durham Region.  He talks to audiences at garden shows and garden clubs.  He likes to share his experience and expertise with every one so they too can enjoy their garden.

During the summer, Alex and the Oshawa Garden Club jointly organize pruning courses for groups of 15 – 20 people.  It is a “hands on” course in the gardens of some of the participating individuals.  He will show you the basis of pruning, the different kinds of tools and how to use them properly.  During the course he makes every attempt to ease your fears and make you comfortable with the handling of sharp tools.  The course is designed for newcomers to the garden world as well as those seasoned gardeners that want to improve on their gardening/pruning techniques.

For more information please contact Linda Wylie at the Oshawa Garden Club 905-723-5557